Tuesday, January 04, 2005

K-9 SAR Presentations & Demonstrations available for Schools and Community Groups

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Thank you letter for Kiwanis Club luncheon presentation and demonstration with Kali the Bloodhound trailing one of the members from the restaurant banquet room, through the kitchen, out the back of the restaurant, through the parking lot, down the street and back to the front of the restaurant. The person who had laid the trail was standing with two other people when the Bloodhound did her gentle "jump up" id of the subject, telling the handler the subject had been found. In this case the subject was Kiwanis Club member Dr. Robin Vaughan.
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Mid-Michigan Working Dogs team members make themselves available whenever possible to educate the community on this valuable life saving resource. It is always stressed that when we are needed in an emergency situation that a request should go through local law enforcement. We also provide information on "The HUG-A-TREE and SURVIVE Program" at Hug-A-Tree If a school or community organization would like to request a presentation/demonstration, this can be done by calling 989-261-7446 or 616-891-0145.


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